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Videoconference: as easy as making a phone call!

6 good reasons for Connect4Video: 

  • Simple: no need to remember IP addresses - your videoconferencing device gets an associated phone number.
  • Secure: sophisticated firewall traversal without risk to your network security.
  • Compatible: get connected with IP without investing in hardware.
  • Expandable: make a multipoint connection even with mobile devices.
  • Ease of Use: We only provide easy to use connectivity - our pricing is simple and fair, adhoc-conferencing on a mouse click: "conferencing made easy".
  • Cost savings: no infrastructure required, no up-front investment.

We remove the "complicated" in your videoconferencing environment!



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Connect4Video (C4V) was foundet by a group of videoconference experts from the video industry which wanted to remove the barriers to videoconferencing usage and make it as easy as a phone call.

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